Nano Brows also known as Nano Needling, are very similar to Microbladed Brows, however instead of a handheld blade, Nano Brows are created using a Permanent Makeup Machine.

Both Nano Needling and Microblading provide a very similar end result, Nano Needling is more precise and accurate and provides thinner hair strokes.


Nano Brows are created using a Permanent Makeup Machine, which is very similar to a tattoo machine, however it is less painful and intense due to the fact the needle does not go as deep into the skin.  



Like all brow procedures that use the Permanent Makeup Machine, 

Nano Brows can last up to two years with regular touch ups.





An initial follow-up is recommended at 4-6 weeks.

At the follow-up appointment, touch ups will be made to any areas that did not initially take the pigment, or healed incorrectly. Clients will be able to make small adjustments to the shape and/or colour of the brows.

After that touch up as need be! 

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