hello gorgeous,

If you ended up here, it’s because you're interested in modelling for BraveGirl 

we're thrilled to have you

The process of becoming a BraveGirl model is simple, just complete a google docs form by clicking this button.

After submitting, you can send us a message via FB or just wait for us to contact you!

most common question

Where is the studio?

BraveGirl: Beauty Studio is located in Skyview Ranch 

When are you booking?

Currently, we're booking for July. Typically we devote Sunday's to booking clients. 

What times are available?

Appointments are 3 hours each, Monday to Friday with appointment slots at 11am, 3pm and 7pm.
We are closed Sundays and have varying hours on Saturdays.  

What does it mean to be a model?

Modelling for BraveGirl is a mutually beneficial experience. You benefit from the exact same luxury services our clients receive, while we grow our portfolio and hone our skills. 

What does a model have to do?

It’s pretty simple, all models must allow BraveGirl to collect “media” during the appointment. That includes photos, videos, etc. Models will also be required to sign a media release, allowing BraveGirl to use that media how we please. For some services, the only destination is social media. Other media will be used on the website, maybe even in a blog, or marketing material to promote ourselves. Some media will even be used as training material.

What services are available? 

As of right now, we are seeking models for hair, brows and skin packages. These include 5 types of semi-permanent brows, BB Glow and Micro-needling. 

For more information on the service or to see the gallery, select the button below

What will you do to my hair?

We don’t decide, you do. We’re looking to gain experience and practice techniques. You tell us your hair inspirations or goals & we negotiate, until we can agree on what BraveGirl can provide within the given time constraints.

What Brow choices do I have?

We offer five types of semi-permanent brows! Micro-blading, Micro-Shading, Nano, Combination and Ombre Powder
Just like hair clients, you choose the type and shape of your brow.
We will give you the facts, ask questions, and examine your brows. Based on this we will then communicate our recommendation, but the choice is yours. 

is there a cost? 

Yes, we’d love to give all models free services, but that is economically impossible.

What is the cost?

Model’s pay the cost of supplies.
Hair Services include a cut and colour. These services usually range anywhere from $200 to over $500, for our models, they are only $85 to $120.
Semi-Permanent brow procedures are $220 on our website, but for models, only $100.
Micro-needling or BB Glow sessions go for $250-$450, but are only $100 each as a model.