Micro-shading is different from Microblading but only in application. Small, pin-point dots give brows an ‘airbrushed’ affect; this subtler brow is not suited for making big adjustments to shape.


A Permanent Makeup Machine is used with a stippling method to push pigment into the skin. This creates a denser, thicker brow, using dots of pigment instead of strokes, and the results resemble perfectly-applied filled-in brow . 


Unlike Microblading, Micro-shading can last up to two years with regular touch ups. 

 Just like Microblading, an initial follow-up is recommended at 4-6 weeks. 

At this appointment, touch ups will be made to any areas that did not initially take the pigment, or healed incorrectly. 

Clients will be able to make small adjustments to the shape and/or colour of the brows.


After that, touch up as need be! 

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