Microblading has been a popular choice for years; it is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery that will enhance the look of your eyebrows.


The Microblading procedure is completed with a hand held device containing a collection of 10 to 16 fine needles in the shape of a blade along with a small instrument to deliver pigment directly into the skin. Once small incisions have been made manually to the brow area, pigment is left on the skin for a few minutes before being wiped off. Each incision or stroke replicates real hair, and the end result is a brow that looks nearly identical to natural hair patterns. 



Microblading will naturally fade out over a period of 8 – 24 months.





An initial follow-up is recommended at 4-6 weeks.

At the follow-up appointment, touch ups will be made to any areas that did not initially take the pigment, or healed incorrectly. Clients will be able to make small adjustments to the shape and/or colour of the brows.

After that touch up as need be! 

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