Combination Brows use both Micro-shading and Nano-Needling techniques

to create “Instagram-Worthy” Brows. 


Combination Brows are completed with a Permanent Makeup Machine.

Micro-shading fills the Brow from tail to arch with a ‘airbrushed’ effect. 

The front of the brow is then enhanced with Nano-Needling hair strokes.  

Due to it’s ‘Instagram Fame’, Combination Brows are perhaps the most popular brow option.





Combination Brows will last up to two years with regular maintenance. 



An initial follow-up is recommended at 4-6 weeks.

At the follow-up appointment, touch ups will be made to any areas that did not initially take the pigment, or healed incorrectly. Clients will be able to make small adjustments to the shape and/or colour of the brows.

After that touch up as need be! 

Katrina Ruzic 

Brave Girl Beauty

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