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Originally, BraveGirl was just a Makeup Artistry company,

but in the last few years, we’re expanded quite a bit 


We are now a ‘full service’ Beauty Studio in Calgary,

offering makeup artistry services as well as permanent makeup solutions,

skincare, hair styling and treatments, acrylic and gel nails as well as lash extensions. 


BraveGirl is sister to a Non-Profit organization, rightly named,

The Brave Survivor Foundation.  

The foundation is designed to support survivors; provideing a safe environment and supportive community

which will aid in us becoming the voice of 

Suicide Awareness & Suicide Survival and advocate for Mental Health.

BraveGirl gives 7% from every sale

to the Brave Survivor Foundation 

The Brave Survivor Foundation has a blog encouraging readers to read and share stories of mental illness, suicide loss and surviving suicide.

Our blog will help put an end to the stigma. 


In 2019 BraveGirl expanded into cosmetics,

our online boutique features luxury Canadian made and

cruelty-free cosmetics for affordable prices. 


Every line of products stand for a BraveGirl core belief or value.

 Feminism is one of our core beliefs, with an emphasis on strong females; 

Therefore, our lipstick line is named “Strong Fucking Lips” and is designed for ’Strong Fucking Women”

In 2019 BraveGirl began designing a Makeup Artistry course which birthed the Beauty Academy.

BraveGirl is the first to offer a ‘hybrid’ delivery of the course utilizing

the best parts of online learning and hands-on education. 


BraveGirl offers certified courses for those looking to pursue a career within the industry.

However, mini courses are also available for beauty beginners or those looking to perfect a select skill or look. 


Recently, BraveGirl has become an active online presence and the brand aspires to become an influences within the beauty community. BraveGirl has a beauty blog and a YouTube Channel dedicated to creating tutorials, reviewing products and spreading beauty knowledge.  

who is the


katrina ruzic

founder and CEO of BraveGirl

Katrina has always had a love for beauty, some might say it was passed down from her Gramma, Judy. Judy believed you never left the house without lipstick and your hair done.


Katrina had a natural talent for makeup, in 2017, while on Maternity Leave, she took the plunge and enrolled in a makeup academy. 


She achieved the title of  International Pro in Makeup Mastery and Special Effects. 


In 2018, Katrina, focused on studying the habits and functions of skin and environmental factors, this earned her the title: ‘Skin Care Specialist’. 


In 2019 Katrina became a certified Microblade Technician and Lash Tech.  She achieved her Micro-Pigmentation Certification and is considered a ‘Brow Specialist’.

Katrina is well adept in semi-permanent brow procedures such as: powder, nano, combination, ombre and micro shading. 


In 2020 Katrina expanded her Micro-Pigmentation skillset by adding certifications in: BB Glow, Eyeliner, Lip Brushing.  


She decided to expand her talents and began experimenting with acrylic nails and received her nail tech certification in May 2020. At the same time she enrolled in a Hair Stylist program, specialising in Bridal Hair.  


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