BraveGirlBeauty was originally founded in 2016 under the name ‘Glitter & Gold Makeup’, the name chosen by the founder’s fiancé.


His eyes shining with pride as he confessed how this name reminded him of her.

'Glitter' for how her eyes sparkled on their first day together, and 'Gold' for the band he’d one day place on her left hand.


It was any Beauty Guru’s perfect love story.  


But not all love stories have happy endings. 

In the fall of 2018, her love story died with her fiancé; her eyes didn’t sparkle anymore and that gold band lacked meaning. 


It wasn’t until nine months after the tragedy she came to decide,

his death wouldn’t destroy her; it would build her. 


She had found her voice, though it may have shook, she had a clear yet ambitious goal; save others. 


Her fiancé hadn’t just died, he had committed suicide,

it was her solemn prayer that sharing her story — her grief, her pain — her experiences would enable her to become a voice for:

Suicide Awareness, Suicide Survival and Mental Health Advocacy. 


She combined her career and passion for makeup with her new objective to positively influence  lives.

 BraveGirl was born. 


With respectful intentions, she envisioned utilizing the Beauty Industry and employing it as her Platform for change. 

Using Beauty as a vessel, she sought to proactively advocate the importance of mental health, to start a ripple normalizing free speech and aid in ending the stigma, the ‘taboo’, surrounding Mental illness; Treatment and Recovery and to get the world talking about Suicide, to promote awareness with unwavering hope that knowledge will somehow assist in the Prevention of Suicide. 



To some of you, BraveGirl might just be another Beauty Brand, but to some people it is more.


BraveGirl signifies finding light in seemingly darkest situations. It’s rebuilding from the ground up. The light at the end of the tunnel. BraveGirl is the calm in the chaos. 



BraveGirl donates 7% of all Profits to Suicide Awareness Prevention. 

Katrina Ruzic is the lead Makeup Artist at Brave Girl Beauty. 


She is recognized as an International Pro Makeup Artist with a certification in Special Effects Makeup. 


Katrina is considered a Brow Specialist with certifications as a Microblade Technician and as a Micro-Pigmentation Specialist. She is certified and well adept in: Microblading, Micro-Shading, Nano Brows, Powdered Brows and Combination Brows. 


Katrina is also a certified Lash Tech. 


Katrina continues to push her talent, skills and knowledge by continuously learning and expanding her qualifications.

In regards to Micro-Pigmentation, Katrina is currently expanding her repertoire; Eyeliner and Lips will soon be available. 

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Katrina Ruzic 

Brave Girl Beauty

Brave Survivor

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