our story

BraveGirl hasn’t always been ‘BraveGirl’.


In 2017, BraveGirl was known as ‘Glitter & Gold Makeup’. 

It was a name the founder’s fiancé, Joshua, had chosen.

If you ask her,

she could tell you exactly how the name came to be. 


In the Fall of 2016, she remembers his eyes, shining with pride,  

and he confessed how this name, 

Glitter & Gold,  reminded him of her. 


'Glitter' for how her eyes sparkled on their first day together, 

and 'Gold' for the band he’d one day place on her left hand. 


It was any Beauty Guru’s perfect love story.  

But, this isn’t one of those perfect love stories. 

On October 7th 2018, her love story died. 

Her fiancé had taken his own life and with him, a part of her died too

Her eyes didn’t sparkle anymore and that gold band lacked meaning. 



While trying to cope with her new life, she began sharing her story on social media about her struggles and her grief. 

Not long after, she started getting messages thanking her for her bravery.

As strangers shared their own stories of suicide attempts or losses and battles with mental illness,

she came to a realization. 


He wasn’t coming home. 


 She had two options.  

Let this destroy her; or use it to make her stronger. 



That’s where

BraveGirl Began


She combined her career in the beauty industry and her passion for makeup 

with a new objective; positively influence lives. 


Her brand was created with every intention to be a voice for:

Suicide Awareness, Suicide Survival and Mental Health Advocacy. 

With respectful intentions, she envisioned utilizing the Beauty Industry

and employing it as her platform for change.