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BraveGirl: Beauty and our team of certified Makeup Artists believe that beauty can be found in darkness. Every one of us has a light that shines from within and that sort of individuality needs an individual approach. 


Every session with BraveGirl will be tailored to your individual style, we’re passionate about working with you to bring your vision to life. Our skilled MUA’s will enhance your natural beauty with flawless application.

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glam chic 

 boho glam

Glam Chic falls in-between

Old Hollywood Glamour and High Fashion. 
Glam Chic focuses on glowing skin with

perfectly sculpted cheeks,

defined eyes, with long lashes and lips bold and dramatic.

Glam Chic is flawless perfection; 

perfect for any Special Event, Photoshoot, Holiday Party, or Date Night 

Glam Chic Package includes a customized "high glamour" look and false lashes. 

Boho Glam, also known as natural or soft glam which focuses’ primarily on the skin while accentuating the client's natural beauty.

Boho Glam is all about creating a ‘no makeup’ look with the use of soft eye colours and subtle lips. The focal point is flawless skin with an ethereal glow. 

Boho Glam is transverse and can be worn to any event; your natural beauty will shine.   

  • 75 Canadian dollars
  • 55 Canadian dollars