Certificates Programs were created for those within the beauty industry wanting to expand their skillset or for individuals planning a career in the beauty industry. Each program provides students with a flexible yet structured hybrid delivery of the classes and provides students with the required beauty tools needed to become certified and achieve future success. 


Our courses are 'hybrid' meaning we've combined the ease of online education with the support and connection of face-to-face coaching. All courses have online reading and may have assignments, but the real learning is done in the Zoom Classroom.

Online course work can be completed on your schedule; your trainer will check in weekly with your progress. Once online training is done, you'll be added to the weekly classroom with  2-6 students studying the same course. 


Each course is designed using the same model, however when it comes to timeline and method of delivery, they all differ.  Some courses may have 2-4 zoom classroom sessions and some may have only 1.  


Zoom Classrooms offer students an exciting learning environment as well as the ability to connect with other students.

We keep class sizes small and try to match students with others that match their skill level and personality. Our classrooms are judgement-free; we're all here to learn.  

Calls will not last more than 90 minutes, in fact, we try to keep calls to 30-45 of instruction followed by a quick Q&A. 

Some courses will require more than one classroom session. 

Typically calls take place in the evening, but we do offer flexibility.

If it doesn't work with your schedule, just let us know.  


We do require your video to be on while in the classroom.

.We ask that you give us your full attention in the best sutible environment for the duration of the call.  



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beauty masterclass

Beauty Masterclass is a 140 hour, 10 unit, ‘hybrid’ class, containing both online and in-studio aspects. Our course utilizes multiple forms of instruction, ensuring our students receive the best possible education.

Graduates will be recognized as Masters of Makeup Artistry.

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brow specialist

Brow Specialists are certified in Waxing and Microblading in this 50 hour course.


Our courses are all  ‘hybrid’ classes, containing both online and in-studio aspects and utilizing multiple forms of instruction, ensuring our students receive the best possible education.