Why I Will ALWAYS Argue with Anti-Vaxxers

For the past few months, every mommy group I have been in posts nearly daily about vaccines and each time I see one I cringe. 

I have strong opinions on vaccinations.

My strong opinions are because I had to become a strong woman and a strong mother one terrifying day in September. 

It was the friday of Labour Day Weekend, Luca was six weeks old. He seemed a little warm when we went to bed and then had been up all night crying. I was exhausted but I called my mom and asked her to drive me to my 6 week check up.  While I was there, I asked her about fevers in newborns. 

‘If your baby has any type of fever. Take him to the hospital as soon as you leave here.” 

I left and stopped at the pharmacy, “What's a fever?” The pharmacist handed me a print out from sick kids. Luca’s fever wasn’t above 37.7, was it? 

It wasn’t. Guarded with my new thermometer, I took his temperature religiously for the next 3 hours. I watched it climb. When it got to close to 37 degrees, I called my mom. Take us to the hospital

I watched them take my baby from my carseat and strip him naked on a table. I watched a crowd of ten people crowd around my 9 pound baby, shoving needles and tubes down every orface of his body. I watched my baby lay there and barely move, as the colour dissipated from his skin. I watched my baby’s heart rate spike to nearly 200bpm and then..  

I watched them prepare for my baby’s heart to stop. 

I held his hand as a man used a hand held machine to breath for him. I listen as they threw around the words ‘septic’, not fully understanding what they meant. I listen to them discuss where they were placing him, ICU or the General Ward? I listen to him cry to be held, to be picked up, to he cuddled. 


We weren’t going home and we didn’t go home for the next 10 days, we became residents of the children’s hospital.



As we were moved into our room we were told that they did not know what happened for Luca to end up there; they tested for both viral and bacterial infections.

There isn’t any peace when they tell you that the fate of your child will be arriving … soon. 

I didn't leave. I didn’t sleep. I don’t think I even showered. I sat beside his bed, unable to pick him up. I watched his temperature climb and his heart rate spike. I watched as they poked and prodded. MRIs, EEGs, Spinal Taps, and hourly assessments. He laid there, a shell of what my baby usually was. 


When I see someone post about not vaccinating their children it makes me sick, I want to scream at them, I want to hurt them. 

There are usually 2 reasons people don’t vaccinate, the first is the risk of autism. 

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield was the first researcher to ever say that vaccines cause autism. Did you know he’s been discredited? His 1998 research paper was considered fraudulent.

The bases of vaccines causing autism is based simply on timing; the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine is around the same time symptoms of autism begin to appear. 

These people are risking their kids life based on a theory about timing. 

Scientists cannot pinpoint what causes autism, theories are faulty genes mixed with environmental factors such as: chemical imbalance, viruses, chemicals at birth. In rare cases autistic behaviour is caused by rubella in utero. 

Did you see that? In utero…? In RARE cases, it can be caused if the mother has rubella while pregnant. Hmmm, momma, looks like you should have got your shot. 

The second reason people chose not to vaccinate their children is Government Conspiracy that vaccines are deadly poisons. Do you actually think Trump could keep that a secret?  

Just for good measure, I google searched “Secrets the Canadian Government kept from the People”. There were 2 dozen cabinet decisions kept from us for years, but thank God not one of them is about the poison in the vaccines we give to babies. 

Unsurprisingly, people like this have existed since the beginning of time. Edward Jenner, pioneer of the small pox vaccine, had a group of angry movement literally claimed that getting a small pox vaccine would turn you into a cow. 

Mhmmm… sounds legit.

The only place the anti-vaccination movement is getting any traction in on social media, because we are a generation of “Click and Share”. Because we’d rather take our information on vaccines from our Instagram friend with 2.2million followers rather than doing our own research or forming our own opinions. We are a generation of sheep being lead to slaughter. 

Luca gets his vaccines on time, every time. He got his six month shots on his six month birthday. I’m not naive, and I’m not paranoid; I’m well-educated and I might even be opinionated but I’ve sat next to him and watched him crash, I’m not doing that again. Luca will continue to get ever vaccination he can and should.  Luca will have his shots on time, every time, because I’m not willing to let an illness be my fault. 

A few of my friends didn’t get their children the flu shot. Honestly, it makes me mad. They’ll read this and they’ll know, but it bothers me. I think its lazy; I think its illogical.  In 2015-2016 there were 1532 Paediatric Hospitalizations because of the influenza, there were thirteen deaths. Eight of them were in Alberta, does it still seem like too much work to walk into a pharmacy to get your kid a flu shot? 


If you can protect your child, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to protect them? That’s your job. In fact, as a parent that is your only job. Keep them alive, and protect them.

They go hand in hand, so do your job. 

Katt Ruzic

Calgary, AB, T3N0L1

Just your typical make-up obsessed, millennial Momma blogging about the trials and tributes of raising a little boy to be the perfect gentleman. Surviving single-parenthood with humour, copious amounts of coffee and knowing that when coffee doesn't cut it anymore, switching to wine doesn't make you a bad mom.