An Honour to the Special Men in Our Lives

Today we celebrate Father’s, and I am more than thankful to be blessed more than I could ever imaged or hoped for. 


My Father has always been the one to push us forward towards success, although we might not always be able to see it. He argues every opinion we throw at him, and as a teenager, I always thought that he was just arguing for the hell of it.  As I grow older I see that his strong opinions enabled me to be come a strong, (sometimes opinionated), well rounded woman. He did everything he could to made sure we were taken care of, even if that meant taking a job in Iraq. He sacrificed, so that we could live a life better than the one he had.



Just 11 months ago, my Dad’s status was upgraded from just ‘Dad’ to ‘Grandpa’. He waited in the waiting room as Luca came into the world, and since that day he has loved, cared and provided for Luca in ways that only a Grandpa can. He was the one I talked to at 5am after I had been up feeding Luca all night. He sat with me in the hospital room as we waited for a diagnosis, even sleeping in a chair. He came with me to my appointments, talked to doctors and asked the hard questions when I couldn’t. Luca Guilio isn’t just an Italian name I picked out of a hat, it was specifically picked with a special person in mind, my Dad. 




As Luca’s first Father’s Day, theres someone else I wanted to show my gratitude to, my Uncle, Randy. When Luca was in the hospital, he visited everyday. He stayed for hours holding Luca, asking questions and researching possible diagnosis. He drove me to appointments at 7am, and stuck around the halls of the hospital till we were done. Although Luca and I don’t visit as much as we’d like, we are still so grateful to have him in our lives. 

Although they might not be fathers yet, my brothers will one day be and I am so proud of the men that have turned into. 


Last but not least, I have a very special man to thank, Joshua. 


Josh came into our lives when Luca was eight weeks old. I still remember the day he asked if he could be Luca’s dad, I nearly cried. A year ago, I was so worried that Luca would never have that, yet here Josh was stepping up to a plate another man left on the table. Joshua loves my son, and Luca is no longer just my son, he’s our son.

Luca crawls around the house after Josh leaves, saying, “Dada?” as he looks into every room. Luca gets so excited when Josh comes home from work and crawls on Josh’s lap after a long work day cuddles into his chest and tells him all about his day. He loves cuddling with his Daddy. They take Saturday afternoon naps together, snack on popcorn twists and watch Disney movies. 



As time goes on, my heart grows fuller with love for my two boys and the bond they share. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love, patience and understanding Josh is passing on to Luca. 


Luca and I are blessed beyond words. We both have so many important men in our lives, its impossible to thank them all. On this Father’s Day, we want to thank all of the amazing men in our lives, thank you for being exemplary role models for both Luca and I. For showing us love, understanding, humility and strength. 


We love you! 


Katt Ruzic

Calgary, AB, T3N0L1

Just your typical make-up obsessed, millennial Momma blogging about the trials and tributes of raising a little boy to be the perfect gentleman. Surviving single-parenthood with humour, copious amounts of coffee and knowing that when coffee doesn't cut it anymore, switching to wine doesn't make you a bad mom.