A Shitty Situation

Pun Intended. 

You know the story, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day? 

Alexander never woke up to poop in his bed. 

Luca doesn't sleep the night in his own bed, so we co-sleep nearly every night.

Luca cries between 3-5am and I wake up and bring him into bed with me where he'll eat and go back to sleep. Before, Luca would stay up till midnight and sleep in till 11.

Life was great for this night owl. 

Now, Josh has started influencing Luca. I love it!

Except for the morning habits Josh seems to be embedding into my son.  

Josh gets up in the morning and opens every freaking blind in the house.

I cringe at the sight of sunlight before 10am.

I just want to sleep in! 

But now Luca crawls up a pillow and watches the world go by outside.  

One Morning last week, Luca woke up and I brought him into my bed. I was exhausted! He was up more than usual during the night and I just wanted him to sleep. I changed him, I gave him his blanket and his a toy and laid him on the bed. I left his sleeper unzipped and his legs sticking out because the house was so warm.

90% of the time, Luca will fall back asleep when he's in my bed. I turned my head and closed my eyes; half sleeping, half listening to him babble. 

I could feel him beside me, he pulled himself into a sitting position and was leaning up against me, playing with his toys.

Then the babbling stopped. 

Any mother knows that silence is a bad sign. 

Out of NO WHERE Luca says, 'MAMA!!' as he bounces and dances.

I open my eyes as 5 teeny tiny poop covered fingers reach for my face.

I don't think I have ever moved so fast before. I jumped out of bed to see Luca sitting in what looks like a stockpile of at least 1 weeks worth of poop. Hands and feet covered as he kicked and smeared poop into the sheets.

Are you grossed out yet?  

Needless to say, baths were in order. 

And as soon as that little monster of mine got out of the bath tub he fell alseep for 2 more hours, but this momma was way to awake to close her poor sleep deprived eyes. 

Sometimes, Kids suck. 


Katt Ruzic

Calgary, AB, T3N0L1

Just your typical make-up obsessed, millennial Momma blogging about the trials and tributes of raising a little boy to be the perfect gentleman. Surviving single-parenthood with humour, copious amounts of coffee and knowing that when coffee doesn't cut it anymore, switching to wine doesn't make you a bad mom.