Meet the Cast!

I'm so happy that you're here reading my blog!

Some of you know me, some of you know of me and some of you are just visitors stopping by.

I encourage you all to stay to get a glimpse into my crazy life! 

Here is my story. 

My name is Katrina. 

& This story, all starts with me.

Just over a year ago I found out I was pregnant. The guy I was with well.. to put it simply, he was an asshole. People might say it me being with him was a mistake, I don't think so. Being with him taught me a lot, it made me a better stronger person. It taught me what I didn't want in a man. But most of all, being with him gave me a beautiful baby boy. & He was never a mistake. 

So. I was pregnant. I was excited. I was scared. But I couldn't wait for my adventure to start. 

I told my 'boyfriend' and he broke up with me through text message. He came to the first ultrasound and told me to abort the baby.

He never looked back. 

This is the part that always gets me. Everyone always wants to know how I feel about him leaving. Was I heartbroken? Did I cry? Did it hurt? How did I make it through? Yeah, I was upset but I was also pregnant and hormonal. I think I had the same reaction to him leaving as I did to someone eating my ice cream. It felt like the world was going to end, but I got over it. Did I love him? I honestly thought I did, but now looking back, I was just having fun.  

I have people who don't even know me message me asking about my son's dad, or commenting on pictures asking if thats him. FOR REAL. My son's dad has never met him and he will never meet him. I know, that's harsh isn't it? 

Everyone is so quick to tell me that my son needs a father, but what they don't understand is that DNA does not make you a parent. 

In July 2016, I welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world. He changed everything. I named him Luca. Luca is derived from the latin word 'LUX' which translates to 'LIGHT'. I picked it because of the meaning.

Before Luca, I was lost. I was depressed and really, just in a bad place. My six year old brother called it my 'lostness'. Luca was the light I had been looking for. I wanted to be the best mother I could be. So I changed. 

Quite honestly, the best choice I ever made was becoming a mom. I love every minute of it. There are days when I want to strangle him; mostly when he stays up for four days without sleeping. All in all, I couldn't imagine life without him. 

& Life was going pretty good with just Baby and Me. Luca and I spent our summer traveling, catching Pokemon and visiting strange oddities in small towns. Luca did a brief stint in the hospital and put us through ten days of hell. But we have a strong family who was always there and we made it though, maybe a little worse for wear, but Luca and I had each other. 

I was content.  

 I wasn't really looking for anything else. But sometimes, God has other plans.

One day I got a message on Instagram from a guy, he was cheesy as hell but honest and he could make me laugh. So one night we had coffee, he watched movies and laughed.  

Now, its been a while, and he's still around. We talk our goals and our passions; our future together. 

In this moment, right now, I feel like the whole family is home.  

But Now, you're all caught up! 

So, you're just gonna have to stick around to find out what happens! 

xoxo Katrina


Katt Ruzic

Calgary, AB, T3N0L1

Just your typical make-up obsessed, millennial Momma blogging about the trials and tributes of raising a little boy to be the perfect gentleman. Surviving single-parenthood with humour, copious amounts of coffee and knowing that when coffee doesn't cut it anymore, switching to wine doesn't make you a bad mom.