Professionally speaking, I’m the owner of BraveGirl: Beauty & Cosmetics

as well as the Founder of The Brave Survivor Foundation.

I'm a Makeup & Special Effects Artist, a Skin Care Consultant, A MicroPigmentation Specialist and so much more.


Currently I reside in Calgary, Alberta with my 3 year old son, Luca.  

To be honest, I’m a hot mess of a mom.

I’m not perfect, but I try.  I'm real and I am honest.  

Taming toddlers ain’t easy, especially as a single mom. 

In 2018 I lost my fiancé, Joshua, to suicide.


Joshua’s death changed me.


For months I couldn’t do anything but survive. 

Surviving isn’t living. 


I started writing to cope, I wrote letters to Joshua about all the things I could no longer tell him. I wrote about my loss, my grief and my love. I posted these letters to Facebook. 


It didn’t take long before people began to reach out. Some friends thanked me for shedding light on such a taboo subject and some scolded me, but even more individuals told me I gave them courage to speak out about their struggles. 


That was what I needed, it gave me some hope that maybe, I could use Josh’s death to help others.

In 2019, I start a blog with the intention to spread awareness for

Mental Illness & Suicide Prevention. 


BraveGirl is, metaphorically,

build on the ashes of Joshua. 

After he died, I was told how strong I was.


I didn’t feel strong.

I felt fragile.


For any ‘normal’ person, we just call ‘living’,

but after a trauma like suicide, it becomes surviving.


Surviving didn’t make me strong; it made me brave.

It takes bravery to continue to live.

 It takes bravery to face your fears.

BraveGirl is my way of moving forward despite the chaos.

From the name, to the colours of the logo;

every part of BraveGirl echos awareness. 

BraveGirl strives to become a voice and an advocate for Suicide Prevention through the use of the Beauty Industry with influence. 

BraveGirl is more than ‘just makeup’; it is finding light in seemingly dark situation.


BraveGirl's Ultimate Goal is to use makeup and beauty as a platform to advocate for the importance of:

Mental Health, to end the stigma around both Suicide and Mental Illness, to promote awareness to aid in the prevention of Suicide.

This website ties Momma, Makeup and Mental Health together,

it is where life, love, passion and purpose have collided.